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21.10.2017. Samobor Dan grada Samobora - Centar za mlade (Bunker)

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Album: Singlovi (-2016)


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Songwriter: Jeronim Szabolcs Marić

lyrics: Jeronim Szabolcs Marić and Peter Colić




She's up before the day breaks, while I'm still asleep and dreaming

She exhales a lonely sigh and then she's gone

It's just a job she tells herself, if I can make it through today

Then I can make it through tomorrow and be done

Force a smile for everybody , but don't get too close

They wouldn't understand you anyway

Get home after sunset, turn your back to the world,

Let the flooded river carry you away.


Nina even though we're far apart

We have never been closer

Nina even though you're far away

You have never been closer



It was a bitter cold December when I first laid eyes upon her

The New Year quickly knocking down the door,

I ran my hand accross her shoulder blade to steal a touch,

The smile in her eyes it made me glow,

I must have bored her with my charming conversation,

Because she kissed me just to make me go away

It isn't easy

A pain I secretly enjoy.


Nina even though we're far apart

We have never been closer

Nina even though you're far away

You have never been closer




English version of the song "Nabujala rijeka"

Jeronim Marić, the front man of the band starts off his career as a guitar player and songwriter for the band Flare. Soon after their first album Srebrni was published, it was awarded both a Porin, and a Crni Maak, the two most respected Croatian music awards for the best debut album of the year. Flare also appeared at the concerts of the world famous band Duran Duran and the European rock phenomenon HIM in Zagreb. Simultaneously, he receives an audio engineering diploma in Ljubljana on a prestigious Australian-American school SAE. Eager to continue his songwriting, he forms the band Adastra. After several months of rehearsing and numerous concerts and festivals Adastra retrieve to the studio, where they are preparing the material for their album under the record label of Croatia Records. After the album was released Adastra began a tour of Croatia and the region. Adastra performed over a 100 concerts as well as several live performances on national live TV broadcasts. Last year the band Adastra performed as the support act for British pop rock group Muse in Zagreb.


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